Product range

Product Classification Range Brands
LV Switchgear Components MCBs, ELCBs/RCCB
Isolators / Switch Disconnectors
Overload Relays
Soft Starters
Transformers, Battery chargers & Power Supplies Control Panel Transformers (25VA to 2.5kVA)
Auto starter Transformers (Upto 1000V AC)
Single (3KVA – 40KVA) & Three Phase Transformers
(500VA – 160kVA / 160kVA – 750kVA)
Switching Power Supplies (15W, 30W, 45W, 60W & 120W)
Timers & Relays 8 Pin & 14 Pin Plug-in Relays
On-Delay Timer
Off-Delay timer
24hrs Timer
Multi function Timers
Plug-in relays
Liquid Level Control Relays
Pump Alternating Relays
Voltage, Current & Frequency Monitoring Relays
Phase Fault & Sequence Relay
Enclosures Compact Wall mounted Enclosures
Floor Standing Enclosures
Stainless Steel Enclosures
Outdoor Cabinets
Fans with Filters
Other Panel Accessories such as Panel lights etc.
LV Switchgear Panels MDB’s, SMDB’s & L.V Power Panels up to 3200A, in all different forms.
Control Panels and Automation panels.
Final Distribution Boards.
ATS & AMF and Logic Panels.
Synchronization Panels for Generators.
Mast / Flood light Panels for Stadium lighting for sports facilities.
400Hz special Panels for Aviation Sector.
Green Energy Solar PV – On Grid & Off Grid Solution
Solar Photovoltaic Modules
Solar Battery, Solar Inverter, Solar Charge Controller
Solar Street lighting Solution
Solar Thermal: Solar Water Heating Solution
Metering & CTs Ammeters
Energy Meters
Multi-meters Sensors
Current Transformers & Shunts
Lighting Light fixtures
Lamps (LED, Halogen & Fluorescent)
Electrical Consumables Switches, Sockets & Industrial Plugs
Mobile Distribution Boards
Cables L.V. PVC & XLPE Power Cables
L.V. PVC & XLPE Control Cables with Copper conductor
Rubber cables, Building Wires
Single core industrial Flexible
Multi core industrial flexible Cables


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